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About Us

Fireplace OutdoorSince our ancestors learned to control fire, the fireplace or hearth has held a special place in our human consciousness.

Having a controlled fire means safety, warmth, community, and companionship.

Here at Fireplace Features, we have been fortunate to spend most of our adult lives in homes that included a built in fireplace.  What remodeling we have done has been shaped around inclusion of a fireplace.

We believe every home should have that same option.  Without all the hassle and expense of putting in chimneys, venting, gas lines, and permits that a built in fireplace brings with it.

Fireplace Features - About Us

We believe in choices:  Fireplace with mantels, fireplaces to fit in the corner, wall mounted fireplaces, desktop fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces.  Whether you chose electric, gel, ethanol, or ventless gas, your fireplace should be an expression of your vision for your piece of the universe.


We believe that you should be able to put a fireplace in your home easily, quickly, safely, and affordably.

We believe in going the extra mile in providing you the customer service to make sure you find and receive the perfect fireplace for your home.  

We believe in getting you the fireplace you chose as quickly and conveniently as we can.

We believe everyone should have the enjoyment, warmth, relaxation and closeness that only comes from gathering before your own fireplace.

Get your fireplace.  Its only human nature.