BIO-BLAZE ODHIN 13" Tabletop Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Fireplace Features
BIO-BLAZE ODHIN 13" Tabletop Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Fireplace Features
BIO-BLAZE ODHIN 13" Tabletop Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Fireplace Features

BIO-BLAZE ODHIN 13" Tabletop Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Brand: Bio-Blaze
Item Number: BB-OD-B

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    Why Buy From Fireplace Features

    "A simple and compact tabletop fireplace that you can enjoy anywhere in the house or even outside on a picnic table.  The dancing real ethanol flames provide a comforting warm glow where ever you decide to use it.  Welcome your friends and family without giving up a lot of space."

    The refined and distinguished design of the Odhin will embellish and bring the ambiance of a fire to any room. Ideal for small spaces, this unit can be placed on any stable surface, indoor or outdoor.

    The simple and elegant design will provide the purity of the flame. You can enjoy the flame of a modern fireplace by positioning the Odhin wherever you desire.

    This is a free standing table fireplace that can be placed on the table or any stable surface.

    The Odhin is made of high quality powder coated steel, includes two pieces of tempered glass for a greater sense of security and 4 felt pads to protect your surfaces.

    Like all other Bio-Blaze® products, the Odhin is equipped with a high quality brushed stainless steel burner that will bring you an elegant and relaxing flame.

    The flame is easily extinguished by simply the enclosed extinguisher

    All accessories are provided with this unit including a funnel,and instruction manual.

    Brand: Bio-Blaze
    Material: High quality powder coated steel
    Available colors: black, white
    Patented and tested: Yes
    EAN Code: 0634705860876 / 0634705861019

    L 13" x H 7.9" x D 7.5"


    No chimney! No gas! No smoke! This fireplace uses bio-ethanol fuel to provide refined warmth and bring the joy of a real flame into your living space. Bio-ethanol burns clean and it is non-toxic. It releases small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor, similar to a candle.


    Very easy to install & to use

    • Dimensions:  L 13" x H 7.9" x D 7.5"
    • Weight:  13 lbs
    • Fuel Capacity: 0.4 L
    • Burn Time:  +/- 3 hrs
    • Heating capacity:  Aprox. 4100 BTU
    • Minimum space:  1060 cubic feet 
    • Included accessories:  2 heat resistant glasses / Burner / Tool to extinguish the flame / Funnel / Manual

    Safety and Assembly Instructions 

    Before using any of the Bio-Blaze® products, please first refer to the instruction manual.

    Technical Drawing

    For your convenience you can download the technical drawing of this product: Odhin

    Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have in terms of building your project with one of our products.

    Please check specifications and dimensions between date of download and the purchase date to avoid any inconvenience.


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