ECO-FEU FIREPLACE INSERT 15 3/4" Bio-Ethanol Wood Fire Replacement UL Listed - Fireplace Features

ECO-FEU FIREPLACE INSERT 15 3/4" Bio-Ethanol Wood Fire Replacement UL Listed

Brand: ECO-FEU
Item Number: FS-000033-MB

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    Why Buy From Fireplace Features

    The Insert is a freestanding fire feature that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

    It creates a large, soothing flame that allows you to convert your existing fireplace instantly.

    It is equipped with a flame regulation mechanism.

    This fireplace will burn for approximately 5 hours with 1 fill of superior quality bio ethanol fuel. Included in the box is an easy pour spout.

    This unit comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


    Eco-Feu Authorized Retailer
    Authorized Retailer


    Why Bio-Ethanol?

    Bio-ethanol fireplaces offer many advantages over traditional wood or even natural gas/propane fireplaces.

    • Installation requires no modifications to your home.  No need for gas lines, electrical outlets or chimneys.
    • Exhaust gases of bio-ethanol are much cleaner, it burns more cleanly (more complete combustion)
    • You can use any plant for production of bio-ethanol, it only has to contain sugar and starch. The best choice is sugar cane, but you can also use potatoes, barley, wheat etc.
    • It is carbon neutral i.e. the carbon dioxide released in the bio-ethanol production process is the same amount as the one the crops previously absorbed during photosynthesis
    • The net effect of bio-ethanol use results in an overall decrease in ozone formation, an important environmental issue. (The emissions produced by burning ethanol are less reactive with sunlight).
    • Bio-ethanol is considered a renewable energy resource because it is primarily the result of conversion of the sun's energy into usable energy.

    Fuel Recommendation:

    All bio-ethanol fuel burns cleanly and does not produce the soot, smoke, or mess that is normally associated with a wood-burning fireplace. Our recommended ethanol fireplace fuel is made from 100% alcohol without the use of any oil at all, produced from renewable agriculture products, like barley, grains, sunflowers, corn, wheat, and potatoes, and manufactured in an earth-friendly process that does not harm the environment.



    Simply place your ECO-FEU Fireplace Insert on any non-flammable surface.  An old fireplace, a concrete patio, a granite table top.  The burner does get hot, so do not place on any surface that can be harmed by intense heat.


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    • Style: Fireplace/Firepit Insert
    • Dimensions: 15 3/4'' x 11 13/16'' x 5 1/2''
    • Burner: 1.42L - Adjustable Burner
    • Burn Time: 4 to 6 hours
    • Flame Height: Up to 8''
    • Indoor/Outdoor: YES* Cannot be left out in the rain
    • Included: Easy Pour Spout, Burner
    • Features: Designed in Montreal Canada, full steel construction, burner made out of 304 stainless steel
    • Guarantee: Eco-Feu 3 Year Limited Waranty
    • Certification: According to UL & ULC Standards
    • Fuel: Eco-Feu Superior Quality Bioethanol Fuel