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Built In Fireplaces become a permanent part of your home.  Create a legacy.  Add a fireplace that looks like it was designed in the original plans.  

The perfect statement to turn your house into a home.

Installed fireplaces can be anything from replacement logs that sit inside an existing firebox to complete installations that involve recessing the fireplace into a wall or permanently attaching it to your patio.  As a rule they will also require installation of a dedicated electric, gas, or propane line (ethanol built-ins do not require a built-in fuel source).

But even the installed fireplaces from Fireplace Features are always ventless and will never require installation of a chimney.

SAFETY NOTE:  Installation of Electrical, Gas, or Propane service can present a major safety hazard to you, your loved ones and your belongings.  Fireplace Feature always recommends that you get a licensed professional to install the needed service with appropriate permits within local building codes.

If you are having a problem finding a qualified professional in your area, contact us at and we can help you find one.